The Right Question

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the questions.

– Eugene Lonesco

The right questions unlock even the most stubborn problems. For example, you may be trying very hard to close a deal and it just doesn’t seem to move. It’s stuck. The trick is to set up asking the right question and then ask it.

It goes like this, “Bob, I’ve noticed that you seem to be hesitant about moving forward with this project (name it) what do you think is the reason? (then shut up)

Bob will then say something that reflects the real reasons they are not moving forward. He may say the timing isn’t right, or that other projects have taken priority, or (ugh) they really have no interest at this time.

If the problem is solvable then solve it. If not you may have to re-visit the client in a few weeks, months or next year but at least you know and can move on to other more promising opportunities.

Action Step: Start by asking yourself, “How can I solve XYZ Problem?” Then wait for an answer. Keep asking until you have a solution that works for you.

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