quote of the week Jul 13, 2021

Be careful about judging yourself when you fail.

Failure is part of the learning process.

It’s a positive thing.

To learn faster.

Fail faster.

When you’re a learner you’re a winner.  

To strengthen your learner-winner muscle, do this Action Step today.

Action Step:

Find the learner-winner within:

  1. Notice what you say to yourself when you fail.
  2. Is it a statement such as, “I always do this” or “I suck at this” or something worse?
  3. Instead say, in a light-hearted way, “Look what happened”.
  4. Ask, “How can I fix it”?
  5. Wait for the answer.
  6. Then act to fix it fast.
  7. Say, “Yippee” to acknowledge your progress.
  8. How does it feel?

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