Create a Selling System That Works

sales selling system Nov 02, 2022

Some work better than others.

When I was selling at Hewlett-Packard, I developed a system that would consistently generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new sales per quarter.

Yet when I started my coaching practice I struggled until I put together my selling system that consistently produced the right customers. It took some trial and error and now it works.

To develop my system, I documented the steps I used at HP and gave them easy to use names.

This is nothing fancy. It’s just a set of simple steps that anyone can use in a friendly conversation to discover the fit between your product and services and their problems and goals. 

Here’s the Selling System I use:

  1.  A Lead jump starts the process
  2.  Qualify the opportunity
  3.  Present your solution
  4.  Commit to moving forward
  5.  Deliver as promised
  6.  Follow Up to be a hero
  7.  Referrals and introductions for new opportunities 

Why a Selling System 

Successful companies have a proven duplicatable way they sell, and they teach it to their salespeople. To be effective, productive, and sleep at night you must develop your own system to quickly and continuously find those that are ready willing and able to buy.

This standardized method capitalizes on your personality, helps you stop wasting time on those that never buy, and takes the guess work out of closing. You’ll know the exact next step and how to proceed – in other words you’re in control.

If you’d like these steps and you’re looking for a selling breakthrough, you’ll love my Think Tank for entrepreneurs and self-employed service professionals.