Working Through a Sales Slump

sales Sep 21, 2022

Alright let’s be honest…

We all go through slumps. Whether it’s a sales struggle, the blank page syndrome, a weight loss plateau, or just not feeling motivated. It can be a frustrating time with no end in sight.

So, how do you breakthrough?

The answers may surprise you!

First you must realize that it’s a problem to solve and not a personal weakness.

Open the door for resolution with these steps.

Take Time Off

This may seem like an oxymoron, because if you’re already behind how do you catch up with time off?

The answer is perspective. Yes, taking time to get a fresh view of where you are and how to get what you want. When you take this time the brain, which may be overworked at this time, will get out of the rut you’re in and look at things in a broader view. With a fresh look new options appear; fresh energy invigorates you and the project has new life.


Once you have a fresh perspective you may need to reset your goals. Create more quick wins as steppingstones to form a new foundation for success. For example, if your goal was 10 you may want to scale it to 5 for a quick win. Or set daily goals that roll up to support the monthly ones. You’ll feel better and be more motivated to achieve.

It’s OK to finish small. It’s usually more productive.

Be Honest

Are the things you’re doing, or should be doing, directly relate to what you really want to do? Should do’s tend to bog us down with guilt and unrealistic expectations of our performance.  This impacts our self-worth and self-esteem which contributes to low performance and depression.

If you’re working in a world of “shoulding” on yourself see if you can let go of the “S” word and start working on goals that fulfill you.

Take More Breaks

My wife suggested I take more breaks during the workday. Reluctantly I agreed. I set a timer to remind me to stop working for a bit as a breather to clear my head.

What I found shocked me. As I stopped working on my project and was walking up the stairs, I had an insight that streamlined my project and would save me a ton of time. Needless to say, I’m now a believer.

 The Mechanics

Review your sales process to be sure you’re not missing a step or two. Sometimes the smallest correction can save you time and make you money.

For example, I often see struggling salespeople who don’t take the time to qualify the opportunity properly. They end up wasting time on things that will not close which wastes a tremendous amount of time and enhances the difficulty.


Have fun things to look forward to renew your energy. This is an on-purpose break that takes attention off your projects and gives your brain a rest. You come back refreshed and ready to tackle work anew.


You may not believe this but saying “Yippeee” when completing the smallest task generates endorphins in the brain that are little rewards that re-enforce work and you want to work more because you’re receiving little regular treats.


Working harder is usually not the answer because it’s probaly what got you in this mess to begin with. Sometimes though, it may be the answer. If so, be sure you’re working on the right things and take breaks to care of yourself and optimize your performance. 

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