What’s Your X Factor

“Our mental attitude is the X factor that determines our fate.”

~ Dale Carnegie


X Factor – a seemingly secret element that ignites success

Attitude – noun; manner, disposition, feeling, position, with regard to a person or thing


Are you searching for your personal X Factor?

Every time that I’ve researched what has made someone successful, no matter what the business or life adventure, the answer comes back to their attitude.

Most importantly it’s their attitude about failure.

If you view failure as a loss and leave it at that there is a risk you’ll miss the lesson the loss provides.

Every successful person and team learns from their losses, mistakes, and wins.

It’s part of the Continuous Improvement Mindset…Your X Factor.

To find your X Factor do this Action Step.

Action Step:

  1. Pick something you consider a loss, mistake or win.
  2. Notice how you feel about it.
  3. Is it just a loss, just a mistake, or could it be a win?
  4. Look deeper for the lesson in each one.
  5. Do you have a negative attitude which stalls your progress?
  6. Do you have a positive attitude that empowers you?
  7. What is your X Factor?

Find Your X Factor Here