We’re all Teachers

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher

demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

– William Arthur Ward

Here’s a point that is often missed…We’re all teachers. We have, at any moment, the ability to inspire others. Whether it’s in a formal teaching environment, at home, on the highway, or during business engagements.

I love to be inspired. I get it from any number of sources. I’m inspired when I watch our new puppy investigate her surroundings. I’m inspired when clients have a breakthrough they have been diligently working on.

I’m inspired when I see how others have taken their circumstances and now use it to inspire others, especially the Wounded Warriors that have had such a terrible loss of limbs and perhaps psychological trauma. They now participate in athletics, speak to help others, and become teachers to all of us.

Action Step: Notice how you can inspire others to be teachers then do something to be of service. This may be outside of your normal routine. And it’s ultimately rewarding for both of you. Notice how you feel when you contribute to the social conversation of how to help others.

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