Trust as a Competitive Edge

A wise woman our family knew…used to say that the world was divided

between people who could be trusted to do what they said they’d do,

and everyone else.

– Calvin Trillian

Do you know how rare it is for people to actually do what they say they’re going to do?How many times has someone said to you that they would give you a call for something as simple as having coffee and they haven’t? Said they would send you something and they don’t.  It’s rampant.

Simply doing what you said you’d do, all by itself, is a potent branding message of trust and credibility that streamlines your sales process because sales are based on trust and credibility.

So, if you said that you would call someone at 2 PM on Friday then call at 2 PM on Friday. If you have an appointment at 10 AM then be there on time or a little early not late.

If the other person is late or not available, that reflects their values and their skill sets to perform on time as promised. You now have a rather accurate way to begin to gauge their reliability, potential and trustworthiness. If someone can’t keep a promise to be on time can they be trusted with other critical issues, clients and problems?

If you’re running late then make a quick call to the other party and explain, it’s much better than just being late. It’s also a skill set.

Once trust is broken it’s much more difficult to rebuild it.

Action Step: Start being on time for all appointments. Even if this means you have to sacrifice something else. It’s surprising how much more effective you can become just by being on time and keeping your word.

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