The Trick to Setting Goals That Work…

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you reach your goals and other times you don’t?

Perhaps the mischief is in the way you set your objectives.

When you want to reach higher levels of income or production the trick is to set up your goals as small stepping stones that form a ramp so you can walk up to the next level. Each step is a stretch for you to develop your skill, mental growth and confidence.

The simplest formula for goals setting is ‘X’ by time ‘Y’. For example: The report ‘X’ is due by 5 PM ‘Y’. Simple. Clear. Direct.

Use these tips to reach your goals more consistently:

  1. Stretch your performance beyond your current production, but not so much that you cannot reach the objective. Ten (10) percent or so usually works depending on your level of production.
  2. Shorten the time from a year or month to a day, week that adds up to a year’s production.
  3. Use clear numbers such as 1,5,10 so your brain knows exactly what to produce. A fuzzy brain is confused and takes no action. Even a range such as 2-3 may cause low performance.
  4. Set a definite day, date, and time for completion such as Friday 7 June at 5 PM.
  5. Breakdown the overall goal into small quick and easy steps.

As you focus and work to complete the next step of your ramp goals, you’re building momentum and mental strength to be more successful.

The goals you set drive your Actions. Your Actions produce Results.

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