Jack Rand

Jack Rand

Strategic Business Coach, Author, Speaker

Jack engages the audience and invites them to discover how to be more effective and results orientated. He's comfortable being transparent, vulnerable and authentic and encourages his audience to be the same. His straightforward quick-witted approach allows the participants to hear and use the message.

Speaking Topics:

7-Simple Sales Steps to Increase Your Sales in 30 Days or Less!

Learn how to:

  • Connect with the RIGHT customer
  • Close sales without being pushy
  • Have a heartfelt conversation
  • Transform going through the motions to real results

Bring Your Vision to Life!

Discover the Power of Mindfulness That Lies Within You
Learn how to:

  • Consistently achieve your business and personal goals
  • Stay on-track and stop spinning your wheels
  • Have more energy, fun, and success
  • Optimize your results

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