Set limits to thrive

 “The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.”

— Sonya Friedman


Give yourself a treat!

Take some time off.

Often a client will say that they’re tired all the time.

When I ask them, “What are you doing to renew?”

Their reply is usually a blank stare with their head slightly tilted to one side like a puppy trying to figure out something new. They usually don’t answer right away. They’re being struck and thoughtful at the same time.

When they do answer they usually say, “Nothing.” Yes, they said, and I quote, “Nothing.”

When I instruct them to take 2 hours just for themselves this week to do something they love to do and have fun doing a surprising thing happens.

Their productivity improves. Yes, it improves AND they’re not as tired.

“What has this got to do with how other people treat you?”

When you sacrifice yourself for goal achievement on an ongoing basis you rip off your self-worth and personal productivity. Take a look and see it that’s true for you.

Performance Goals have time limits. And so do you.

Setting limits declares your self-worth. Yep, it’s self-declared. Other’s respond and respect you for it. And you’ll respect yourself for it as well.

Declare your confidence, take this Action Step.

Action Step: Take 2 hours off this week just for you to do whatever you want to do. It could be a bike ride, a bath with candles, or a nap. One of my favorites is sitting under a tree in the shade at the park watching squirrels do what they do. It really doesn’t matter what it is…Just do it. Summer will soon be gone, again.

How does it feel?

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