Secret to Success

“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my success.

My strength lies solely in my tenacity.”

 ~ Louis Pasteur

tenacity – noun; able to grip something firmly; being determined; persistence

 Are you determined to do or achieve something?

When I look at someone who is successful, no matter what business, profession, or life adventure, they have all been determined and persistent.

Yes, they have set backs and failures.

And somehow, they work them through.

And they work them through again and again and again.

It may not be pretty.

It may not be elegant.

And it works.

This process is part of the Continuous Improvement Mindset.

To improve your mindset do this Action Step.

Action Step:

  1. What are you determined to do or accomplish?
  2. Name it.
  3. What is your next step?
  4. Name it.
  5. What is the action you’re going to take today to move forward?
  6. Take it.
  7. How does that feel?

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