How to Tame the Sales Income Roller Coaster

Roller Coasters! Wow! The ups, downs, twists, spirals. Legs hanging down or on the seat of your pants. What a thrill. Riding a roller coaster is one of my favorite things to do and I’ve ridden them from coast to coast. When I was 13 … I won a newspaper sales contest and as a reward we went to The Pike an amusement park in Long Beach, California. I rode the classic Cyclone Racer seven times and wanted more.

For the day it was great fun but riding the sales income Roller Roaster month-to-month is one of the most significant and scary challenges to the self-employed.

Here’s how it goes. You – as a project based professional – secure an engagement for a new project. You’re thrilled because it’s the work you love to do and you’re getting paid to do it. The project then becomes all consuming for its duration.

This dedication to the assignment is necessary because projects usually have requirement such as meetings, deliverables, and completion due dates. In addition you certainly want to do a superb job so more work will come your way from this customer and they can then be a reference and give your referrals — all good things.

However, once the job is completed the scramble to find the next opportunity begins … again, and Again, and AGAIN.

Welcome to The Sales Income Roller Coaster! The up and down, up and down cycles are seemingly endless. While the work-income cycles may never end they can become less severe and when treated your income trends up. The bottom line is that you make more money consistently.

The solution is to weave in sales and marketing activity into your busy day, every day. This sounds simple and as is said the devil is in the details which usually begin with a “But’ (with a capital B). For example; But what about due dates? But what about the written report? But what if the client calls and I’m not working on the project? But what about the milestones? But how do I feed the cat? And it goes on and on.

The “How’ is to develop and execute a trusted system to support your activity. The system must have 4 key “Its”:

  1. It must have structure.
  2. It must have accountability.
  3. It must focus on results.
  4. It must work.

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Good selling and I’m off to do something fun.



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