Ready, Aim, Fire

“Keys to success…Research your idea,

plan for success, expect success, and just plain do it!”

— Josh H. Hinds


Ready, Fire, Aim. No, that’s not it.

Fire, Aim, Ready. No, that’s not it either.

Ready, Aim, Fire. Yes, that’s it.

These three simple commands have been around for centuries because they’re direct, simple, and they work.

To enhance your goal achievement, do this Action Step today.

Action Step:

Here’s some simple, direct things that work when you do them:

  1. Set a clear, sharp Performance Goal in the Item (X) by Time (Y) format. For example: Item (4 new customers) by Time (31 October 2017 at 4 PM)
  2. Develop a simple Action Plan to achieve your Performance Goal with no more than 3 Action Items that you can personally do.
  3. Get an accountability partner that will ruthlessly hold you accountable to complete your Action Items with proper vigor and on time.
  4. Declare your mission complete (no matter how you did or didn’t do) and celebrate your progress by saying “Yippee” out loud for all to hear—including yourself.

Surprise yourself and start moving, NOW!

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