“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what you should have done the day before yesterday.”
–Napoleon Hill

Procrastination frequently comes up during my Personal Vision and Results Planning Workshops™. It seems to be experienced as a plague running rampant through someone life and business with no real cure. It comes up frequently and robs you of your personal power and effectiveness — after all you should be doing this thing, and you’re not. You can’t get yourself to do it, and you know deep down it’s going to come back.

Ok, so here’s the fix.

The truth about procrastination is that it’s a habit plain and simple.

You developed it somewhere along the way to deal with too much to do and probably not knowing what to do next, or whatever. It really doesn’t matter now.

Here’s how to rid yourself of the demon.

Step #1. Become aware of every time you postpone doing something with no time or date set to get it done.

Step #2. Own that you are choosing to put this off and all the problems and effects that it may cause.

Step #3. Forgive yourself for pushing this thing off.

Step #4. Promise to do better next time by setting a time and date to get this ‘thing’ done.

Step #5. Let it go and do not beat yourself up for postponing it.

To be more masterful look at the goals you have set and see what activities and tasks you must do to achieve them.

To Your Success,

Jack Rand

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