How to open a new opportunity!

“If a window of opportunity appears don’t pull down the shade.”
— Tom Peters

Opportunity shows up in the most unexpected places.

Sometimes it’s with a new client or obvious business investment. Other times it can be in what at first looks like a giant failure.

Recently I was working with a client and we could not get the business model that they wanted so badly to prove profitable. At first it was frustrating then – breakthrough!

We discovered that the profit was in the servicing of the product and not so much in the initial sale of the units.

What a relief! Now there was a profitable business model that could be scaled, be outrageously profitable, and not cause so much brain damage.

At first it wasn’t apparent and if we had quit the answer may not have ever appeared.

We didn’t pull down the shade and leave. We kept the window open even when it appeared that the winds of fortune were against us.

To open up more possibilities do this Action Step today.

Action Step: Review a recent failure to see what you can learn from it. Is there another way to use the experience? After all you have paid for it. There is always something to learn—ALWAYS.

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