Oh Yea Baby…

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”

— Babe Ruth

 For those of you who may not know about the “Babe”, he was an American professional baseball player who is regarded as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. His slugging percentage of .6897 still stands today. It’s well known that the “Babe” wasn’t afraid to swing for the fences and his records prove it.

If you’re not performing at your best, then fear is usually a suspect. Fear may not show up as a feeling, it most often shows itself as a lack of action, a freezing, much like a deer in the headlights syndrome.

We all experience fear at some time. It’s a natural healthy reaction that is there to protect you from harm — like not letting you jump of tall buildings without a parachute or safety equipment.

This fear becomes a nemesis when it continuously gets in your way of performing things that you must do or should do to be more effective to get your job done.

When you begin to confront your fears they may not disappear immediately. You usually have to begin to do the activity while having the fear along as a friend. Once the imagined danger passes the fear will begin to go away and may even disappear on its own. Fear is not one of those things that you can will away…you must own it first.

To improve your personal performance, do this Action Step today.

Action Step: Identify something that you must do to improve your personal performance. It could be planning your day, making phone calls, or uncovering sales opportunities, cleaning off your desk, almost anything will work. Next, look for the fear that may be holding you back. Name it. Then decide to do the activity that is problematic. Take a deep breath and then do it.

Notice how you feel when you’re done. This approach will improve your batting average…I promise.

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