Living Wide

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the

length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.

– Diane Ackerman

Most of us go from one thing to the next. One thing to the next. One thing to the next. Ad infinitum…While this may seem to be productive, we’re often just going through the motions. We can become numb to the experience of it all and miss the width and depth of the experience.

I remember when I first started my coaching practice. I went about the process of meeting a lot of people. Shaking hands, having coffee meetings, being disappointed, being frustrated, being elated, all of it. Sometimes I didn’t like what was happening and sometimes I did.

This was quite an adventure because what I’m doing now, being a business coach, is what I’ve always wanted to do. As funny as this may sound, I enjoyed all of it. I learned and then learned again. I experienced the entire process – the width of it. The depth of it is continuing to be revealed.

Looking back, it’s one of the great adventures of my life. An adventure can be defined as going somewhere and not knowing the exact outcome.

An adventure may not be called an adventure when you’re in the midst of it. And when you begin to re-live, it it’s a lot more fun and you begin to live the width and learn the depth of it – newly.

Action Step: Allow yourself to enjoy the process while you’re doing it. If you’re making phone calls – make phone calls, if you’re having a coffee meeting – have a coffee meeting. Enjoy the experience…it won’t be the same next time.
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