Leverage Your Mistakes

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

— John Powell

 We all make mistakes.

I’ve worked with and talked with some very successful people and to a person they have the attitude that if you’re not making mistakes you’re not moving fast enough.

Once I was whining to my coach about something that happened and how much I didn’t like it and on and on.

He listened intently and when I finished he said, “What did you learn from it?”

I was so struck that I was speechless for a while.

When I looked the learned lessons list outweighed my whiny one.

Then I got excited about what’s next and how to leverage my insights and began making a list to leverage my new knowledge with new goals and plans.

To leverage your mistakes into opportunities, do this Action Step today.

Action Step:

List the three mistakes you have made recently.

Write three lesson learned from each mistake.

How can you leverage these opportunities?

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