“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

— Aesop

 I love being kind to others, it makes my heart full of love and gratitude.

The most fulfilling times are when I think I’m too busy and yet I take the few moments to help someone else.

It seems that no matter what challenge I’m facing at that moment I always feel grateful for what I have and that alone seems to unlock the universe to shower its blessings on me.

One holiday season we found a lady that needed a few gifts for her grandchildren who were living with her. When we delivered them one cold December afternoon she was grateful and thankful.

We asked if she needed anything else and she said, “I need an ink cartridge for my printer so I can print out a resume to get a job at air force academy cafeteria.”

I looked at her printer and immediately went out to get the proper ink and delivered it to her that day.

We called a few days later and found out that she got the job.

I still get emotional about that little bit of kindness.

You see, as a kid, my family received got a gift basket of food one Christmas season when we really needed it.

I know that I’ve given away much more than that since that time and each time I grow.

Kindness expands who you are, don’t let yourself down.

To expand yourself take this Action Step today.

Action Step:

I’m sure you can find an act of kindness to do today.

Do it!

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