Just Do That… 

“We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.”
~ Calvin Coolidge

Clients often tell me everything that they have going on.

And it seems like a giant swirl of things to do.

Projects to work on.

People to contact.

As they explain their long uncoordinated mental list, all of a sudden one thing will appear as the thing that ties it all together.

When I spot it, I’ll say to them, “Just do that.”

As we talk it through, it’s usually perfect to move them toward their goal.

To optimize your performance, apply this Action Step.

Action Step:

  1. Be brave and write your mental To Do List on a clean sheet of paper.
  2. Don’t hold back, let it fly.
  3. Circle the Top 3 Items to reach your Number 1 Goal.
  4. Prioritize them in order 1,2,3
  5. Work on Number 1
  6. What did you learn?

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