How Baking a Cake Can Improve Sales Performance

My son and I made a cake for his Cub Scout fundraiser. The recipe had precise instructions for working with the ingredients, amounts of each, sequence of events, oven temperature and the baking time. It seemed so simple and direct. It was a disaster. The cake was lopsided and I could not fix it. So at 7PM on a Sunday night we rushed to the store to get another cake mix for a second attempt.

The next one was perfect. In fact it was one of the baked goods that generated the most bids and sold for one of the highest prices at the auction (no, we did not bid on it.)

But how can making a cake be related to sales?

It’s simple. Making pastries and making sales both have a process that can be identified. In cooking it’s called a recipe. In sales it’s called a process. Each of them has distinct steps, ingredients, temperature, and baking time. Too much of this and not enough of that can make the tasty treat flop. Here’s the key:

  1. Identify the steps of your sales process in broad terms such as discovery, proposal, follow-up, commitment, etc.
  2. Execute and complete the steps every time in detail.
  3. Track your results so you can see what’s working and what is not.

This process allows you to quickly make adjustments if you’re off track and quit wasting time with prospect that are probably not going to purchase.

To improve your sales performance follow the directions more closely you to will generate more activity, get higher prices, and create more sales.

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