If at First You Don’t Succeed…

“If at first you don’t succeed, you’re in good company.”

~ Elden Peterson

Believe it or not, it’s normal to fail.

When we fail we make progress faster than when we don’t.

Failing is part of the learning process.

It’s not a bad thing.

It’s a good thing.

We fail then we learn.

We learn then we correct.


To improve faster do this Action Step.

Action Step:

  1. Name something that you’re afraid of failing at.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Try it.
  4. Did you succeed or fail?
  5. If you failed note your judgement about it.
  6. If you succeeded note your judgement about it.
  7. Do you think that your judgement about failing is what is holding you back?

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