Jack Rand

Jack Rand ~ Business Coach

Would you like to have More of the RIGHT Introductions, Connections and Referrals?

There are three things that you must do to attract the RIGHT introductions, connections, and referrals:

  1. You must ask.
  2. You must be consistent.
  3. You must have a trusted system.

The reason you don't do #1 Ask, and #2 Be consistent, is because you don't have #3 a Trusted System. A Trusted System is one you can rely on to work time after time to unquestionably deliver the results you really want.

If you're thinking that it's time to start attracting the RIGHT people into your personal network, then "How to Attract the RIGHT Referrals" is for you.

The purpose of this workshop is to develop and test your personal trusted system to grow your business with quality introductions, connections, and referrals.

You'll have the opportunity, right in class to work with the other participants and me to develop and test your Personal Trusted System to attract the RIGHT connections, introductions, and referrals. You'll leave locked and loaded to immediately attract the people you really want into your personal network.

No longer will you wonder what works!

You'll know because you will have already proven it to yourself and others (You'll probably leave the workshop with several connections and referrals that day.)

Develop your personal trusted system to:

  • Turn 'Coffee Meetings' into powerful sales opportunities without being pushy
  • Authentically connect with the RIGHT people
  • Attracting new clients without cold calling – EVER!
  • Open doors to new clients without cold calling – EVER!
  • Have referrals and connections offered to you.
  • Use ‘THE’ major mistake to your advantage.


The tuition for the Introductions,Connections, and Referrals workshop is $250.

Take advantage of the early achiever bonus and save $50.

So, the tuition for this transformational workshop is only $197.

Heck, you'll probably spend that much on useless 1 on 1's and coffee meetings.


Seating is limited to 12.

As you develop the 'connector' mindset you'll learn how to:

• Avoid 'THE' major mistake that kills sales.

• Grow your business with the RIGHT caliber referrals, connections, and introductions.

• Move into new markets.

• Use leverage to your advantage.

The workshop will be a live, in-person, interactive event led by me, Jack Rand:
The Date and Time: Wednesday, November 20, 2014
9 AM to 4 PM
Please arrive by 8:45 to get settled and connect with other participants.


Colorado Springs, CO
(Exit I-25 at Rockrimmon, turn West on Rockrimmon then left onto Tech Center Drive.
It's the office building on the left just past the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.)

This is a real workshop with the opportunity for you to develop, test, and practice your personal Trusted System to have quality introductions, connections, and referrals in a safe environment.

You'll receive honest feedback on what's working and what's not working on your presentation from the participants and me. Nothing will he held back. You'll at last know how to attract the introductions, connections, and referrals that you really want.

What Participants Say...

"Some of the value I got out of the class is the connections I made and
ways to target and connect with potential clients I had not thought of."


"Wow! I got referrals right in the class and I am meeting with them next week."


"I now have a system that I can count on."


"I used to be so-o-o-o afraid to ask for referrals and now I am not. Thanks, Jack."

Perhaps you've said to yourself that you need more referrals but you haven't done anything about it. Why wait a single day, week, or month and loose another $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, or more that you could have had.

The tuition for this workshop is $250. Enroll today and receive your early achiever bonus of $50! So, the investment is only $197 for the next few days.

Heck, you'll probably waste that much on useless coffee meetings and networking events.

Seating is limited to 12.

Learn How to:

  • Open doors to clients without cold calling - EVER!
  • Grow your business with more quality connections, introductions, and referrals.
  • Use "THE" major mistake to your advantage.

While I cannot promise you will triple your sales, I can guarantee that if you use this system and your introductions, connections, and referrals do not improve in the following 90 days,
I will give you your money back.

Use your early achiever bonus and save $50!

Seating is limited to 12.

PS Don't let another month go by without referrals