Follow Your Bliss

 “Don’t be afraid to follow your bliss and doors will open

where you didn’t know they would be.”

— Joseph Campbell


Following your bliss seems simple.

And it is.

After all, your bliss is your heart speaking to you, it’s your passion, and people respond to passion.

Using the power of your heart opens up infinitely more resources than using your head alone if you take the right action.

The unique key that I’ve seen to opening doors is taking the right action, again, again, and again.

The right doors seem to open at unexpected times and places and sometimes in the face of adversity.

To accelerate the possibility of the right doors opening, do this Action Step today.

Action Step:

Decide what you want in specific detail then put together an action plan to achieve it.

For example:

THE thing a business must have to be viable is new customers.

So, decide how many new customers you want each month. It could be 1, 2, 3, 10 or more.

Then write it this way:

I easily have X number of new customers by time Y.

Then list the top 3 action items to achieve them:

For example:

  1. Attend 3 networking meetings each week.
  2. Meet 5 new people at each meeting.
  3. Have coffee meetings with potential clients each week.


Surprise yourself, there’s no time like the present to start moving in the right direction.

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