5-Star Rating
Tyler Gehauf
Tyler Gehauf
Integrated Pest

"I met Jack at a networking event. We spoke briefly and exchanged cards. Later that same week we made plans to get together over coffee and learn about each other's businesses. Jack seemed well connected, professional and respectful of my time. We met at Starbucks about a week later; up until that point I had no intention of working with Jack or any business coach, but I felt Jack really understood my business and was very forthcoming about helping me during our coffee meeting. We met one more time before I signed up with him, and within 90 days our growth in income was paying for Jack's monthly fee and we more than doubled our volume as a company that year under Jack's Personal Results System. I feel that anyone who is honest and willing to work hard and take suggestions could benefit from the coaching Jack provides. I recommend his services highly!"

5-Star Rating
Telecom Solutions - Coaching Client
Ron Formanek
Telecom Solutions, Inc.

"Simply put if Jack can help me go from an average of 5-10% growth to 35% in each of the last two years during a recession he can help anybody. Jack knows the keys to helping small business people like me succeed. I would recommend Jack to any business person serious about going from where they are to where they want and can be, with the right guidance!"

5-Star Rating
Novus Auto Glass Logo
Bill Gohl
Novus Glass, Colorado Springs

“We were new to this market and industry and at the time we were struggling to define our market. Jack stretched us, in a good way, outside our comfort levels and kept us focused on our BEST Customers. As a result we started showing a profit in the first 90 days and earned the Novus Glass Rookie of the Year Award. By being in the right position to leverage our strengths we have grown in each of the following three years even in a recession. Jack is the best asset we used to grow our business.”

5-Star Rating

David Barrett
Dynamic Sites

"I made more money in one month of working with Jack than I did all last year."

5-Star Rating
Brukhouse Logo
David Brukiewa
Brukhouse Insurance, Inc.

"My business has grown 300% since I began meeting with Jack less than 3 months ago. He keeps me on track and focused on the most important parts of my business. I highly recommend him as a coach who has helped me stop spinning my wheels."

5-Star Rating
Greg Smith
Greg Smith
Your Niche Solutions

"Keeping your head above water in sales and business is not easy. Sometimes you need someone who is willing to listen and provide focus. Someone who gets YOU and is willing to provide direction and offer solutions that work for you and not against you. Someone who can flex in this ever changing market we find ourselves in today. For nearly a year, Jack Rand has been an invaluable resource to me and my business growth. The first full month I worked with Jack my sales increased 150%, enough said."

Charlie Martin Logo
Charlie Martin
C. T. Martin, LLC

"After being a commercial real estate broker for over 30 years I found myself needing to transition into more direct marketing strategies. I first engaged Jack as a business coach to help me develop a prospect database and contact management system. To my surprise I soon discovered a whole new way to network into contacts and transactions that before had been hidden from me because I didn’t know how to look for them. Jack has helped me take my pipeline of deals from almost zero to unlimited possibilities."

Scott Anderson Agency Logo
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson Agency, LLC

"I have been working with Jack Rand for over a year and in that time my business has increased three-fold. Great job on coaching me Jack."

Kathleen Fox<br />
05-01-2011<br />
Payroll City<br />
Kathleen Fox
Payroll City

"Payroll City had been slowly growing for several years. In the first month of working with Jack he helped me to focus and prioritize where my efforts are best spent. A year later we have had a 300% increase in sales. We now have our five year plan developed and expect to double or triple our business again this year. Jack's encouragement and guidance has been extremely helpful through this growing process."