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Let me get right to it: The #1 way to build your business is using referrals.

I’m sure that you have heard this before. It’s not new. The problem is that most of you just don’t do it at all or are not effective when you do it. The net result is that you are not getting the referrals that you need.

Now please understand there are several types and caliber of referrals. For example one type is: Word of mouth, meaning that others spread the word about the miracles you are performing. These are awesome but unfortunately, in most cases, they don’t happen all that frequently and therefore are an unreliable way to build a solid business.

Another type is a program that offers rewards for folks letting others know of you. These are usually marginally effective because the caliber of the referral may not be what you need and requires some extra management time.

The third, and most effective, way is the direct method which means that you are actively requesting connections to others. Did you know that on average over 50% of the folks referred to you this way will see you. That means that out of 10 phone calls you can have 5 appointments.

To be effective using the direct method there are 3 things you must do:

Thing Number 1: ASK.

Thing Number 2: Be consistent

Thing Number 3: Use a trusted system.

The reason you do not ASK or be consistent about ASKING is because you don’t have a trusted system. A trusted system is defined as one that you can count on to produce the desired results.

If you’re wondering how effective this system is…one of my clients recently asked one of her clients for referrals and presented a sheet of paper with eight lines on it for names. The reply was, “Oh my, I’ll need more paper than this.”

Another client is having record breaking sales months because he’s getting referred into accounts that before he could not access.

With that said, I’ve put together a class for you to develop and test your Personal Trusted System to attract more high quality referrals. When you leave you’ll be ready to immediately attract all the high quality referrals you want.

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