Being Magnetic

 “When your inner and outer energies radiate

in harmony, you are blessed and 

spiritually magnetic.”

— Jasmine Heiler

According to Quantum Physics everything is energy. Your thoughts are energy, both the positive and negative ones, with neither one carrying more of a charge than the other. They do not have a negative or a positive charge, they are just energy.

So, what makes them so powerful?

It’s what you focus on that makes the difference. If you focus on negative thoughts, then the odds of bad things happening goes up dramatically.

If you focus on positive thoughts, the odds of good things happening to and for you raise fortuitously.

When you are operating from your heart energy seeking to have fulfilling relationships consistent with your values your energy radiates your intention outwardly. This energy becomes a magnet that attracts the right things to and for you.

To begin to attract the right things for you do this Action Step.

Action Step:

Take a few moments to sit quietly and notice your thoughts.

Are they negative or worrisome?

Are they positive and optimistic?

When you’re having a lot of worry thoughts, they are usually caused by the fear of something bad happening.

In this case fear is your friend working to protect you from bad things. The trick is to transform the negative or worry thoughts into focusing on a positive outcome that will solve the problem.

For example: if you’re worried about paying a bill focus on attracting the money to pay it easily.

Or, I’ve wanted to meet a specific person and amazingly I’m sitting right next to them at lunch.

It’s surprisingly easy.

I’ve done this many times and have received what I needed right to the penny.

This positive approach brings alignment to your energies and you become a spiritual magnet.

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