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How Baking a Cake Can Improve Sales Performance

My son and I made a cake for his Cub Scout fundraiser. The recipe had precise instructions for working with the ingredients, amounts of each, sequence of events, oven temperature and the baking time. It seemed so simple and direct. It was a disaster. The cake was lopsided and I could not fix it. So at…

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How to Tame the Sales Income Roller Coaster

Roller Coasters! Wow! The ups, downs, twists, spirals. Legs hanging down or on the seat of your pants. What a thrill. Riding a roller coaster is one of my favorite things to do and I’ve ridden them from coast to coast. When I was 13 … I won a newspaper sales contest and as a…

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Cutting Onions Yourself or Outsourcing Tasks

One of my tasks for our Thanksgiving meal was dicing the onions for the stuffing. I love to cook and have chopped, diced, and sliced all types of the bulbs. When I started slicing my eyes burst into tears. This got me thinking about remedies for the pesky problem. On the web I found that…

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